Native Plants are Bird “Feeders”

Wild birds primarily feed their young insects, which prefer to live on native plants that they evolved with rather than exotic plants.  Adult birds also rely heavily on native plants for food, shelter and nesting sites.

Viewer Tip: Consider adding native plants to your yard during fall planting season.  For example,  the shrub American beautyberry found in many eastern and southern states provides seeds and berries for the Northern Bobwhite, mockingbirds and others.  Texas persimmon trees produce sweet black fruits birds love.  Chile pequin is also popular, as are fall-blooming plants such as Maximilian sunflower with its high-fat seeds.  Birds also love ripe seeds of sideoats grama and other native grasses. To learn more about native plant options, look online for local events celebrating Texas Native Plant Week October 16 through 22.

This information is provided by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Learn more at

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