Nature’s Sunscreen

Did you know that animals can burn in the sun just like humans? Some animals like a hippopotamus, elephant and pig use nature’s sunscreen to help protect from the sun. Elephants use their trunks to cover themselves in dust to protect their skin from the sun. Hippos and pigs cover themselves in mud, which acts as a natural skin protector. The mud helps keep the animals cool while keeping their skin from burning. For humans, protecting our skin is just as important – our skin can become painfully burned in a short period of time, just like animals. We can protect ourselves by wearing sunscreen, hats, sun glasses, and staying in the shade.

Viewer Tip: Animals instinctively take action to prevent sunburn. You can provide shade, cover and food for birds and other wildlife in your yard by planting holly, eastern redcedar or service berry.

This information is provided by the Georgia Wildlife Federation.  Learn more at

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