Urban Birds

Did you know that cities often support more individual birds than rural or suburban areas? Many city birds are European species that thrive in urban environments, such as Rock Pigeons, European Starlings and House Sparrows. City residents can attract a broader range of bird species by covering or replacing pavement with native plants, flowers and trees.

Viewer Tip: Remember that even small places – balconies, rooftops and patios – can provide habitat for birds.

  • Add a bird feeder to your balcony or terrace to attract seed-eating birds.
  • Provide a water source for birds with a small bird bath or shallow container of water.
  • If you have the space, add a few pots with native plants and flowers. If your neighbors do the same, you can create a “mini-habitat” for wildlife.
  • Up to one billion birds die each year from crashing into windows. Even if you don’t have any outdoor space, you can lend a hand to birds by adding decoration or a protective screen to the outside of your windows.

(Source: National Audubon Society and Natural Resources Conservation Service. “Creating a Healthy Apartment or Townhouse.” Available from www.audubon.org)

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