AC Check-Up

Spring is the perfect time to give your home cooling equipment a check-up. Fixing any problems now will help you avoid air-conditioning problems when hot weather arrives for good.  And, well-maintained air conditioning systems cool more efficiently, saving energy and money.

Viewer Tip: You can perform a cooling system check-up yourself or ask a professional for help. According to EPA’s Energy Star program, a typical check-up should include:

  • Tightening electrical connections. Faulty connections can be unsafe and reduce the life of your system.
  • Lubricating moving parts. This reduces friction in motors and increases energy efficiency.
  • Checking the condensate drain. A plugged drain can affect indoor humidity levels and cause water damage in your home.
  • Checking system controls for safe operation. Make sure your system starts, stops and operates as it should.
  • Cleaning air conditioning coils. This increases energy efficiency and prolongs the life of the equipment.
  • Checking refrigerant level and adjusting if necessary. Too much or too little refrigerant can affect system efficiency.
  • Cleaning and adjusting blower components for good airflow. Problems with airflow can reduce an air conditioning system’s efficiency by up to 15 percent!

(Source: Energy Star. “Maintenance Checklist.”

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