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Educators: Register for National Environmental Education Week

National Environmental Education (EE) Week is the nation’s largest celebration of environmental education held each year around the time of Earth Day and inspires environmental learning and stewardship among K-12 students. The 2015 theme, Greening STEM: Surrounded by Science, will explore how science can help students better understand the natural world.

Whether you are an educator looking to engage your students and inspire real-world problem-solving in the classroom, a homeschooling parent looking to encourage leadership in your children or a community leader looking to promote local habitat conservation, participating in EE Week is a terrific way to enhance learning and bring about positive change in your school and community.

EE Week 2015 is April 19-25. Register now to become part of a network of educators dedicated to increasing the environmental knowledge of K-12 students!

did you know

Learn fun facts about wildlife in winter!

  • Eliza, a student passionate about the environment, used her artistic skills and worked with her friends and community to create a beautiful quilt with an environmental message that now travels across her city, helping to teach people about the environment. Read her story here.
  • Weather data collected by volunteers is used by emergency managers, city utilities, engineers, farmers, as well as meteorologists. (Click on the infographic below for more citizen science facts.)





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