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Volunteering Year-Round

Looking for something to do? Take time to volunteer! Across the United States, people dedicate their personal time to volunteer in parks to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. There are opportunities for youth, families, groups and individuals!

You can participate by volunteering in National Parks through the National Park Service. Over 100,000 volunteers from all over the world help to preserve and protect America’s natural and cultural heritage. Click here to learn more.



Photo courtesy of NPS.


did you know

Learn more about public lands!

  • Weathering and erosion – the wearing down of rock by wind and water – play a big role in parks in the southwestern U.S. The Grand Canyon in Arizona was carved out by the Colorado River over millions of years! Learn more about erosion of rocks.


grand canyon


  • The highest recorded wind gust observed by man at the Earth’s surface was 231 miles per hour! This happened on April 12, 1934 on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Mount Washington is 6,288 feet high and is the only peak that reaches over 6,000 feet in the northeastern United States. Nearly the whole mountain is a part of the White Mountain National Forest, with 59 acres being occupied by Mount Washington State Park.










 First image of the Grand Canyon courtesy of Ann Posegate. Second image of Mount Washington courtesty of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. Third image courtesy of National Public Lands Day.


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