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“I like the Earth Gauge program because the information is broad, well researched, and includes references. The beauty of Earth Gauge is lots of valuable information without taxing my own time.”

-Mike Buresh, Chief Meteorologist,
WAWS/WTEV-TV, Jacksonville, FL

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Free Resources for the Station Scientist

Earth Gauge is a FREE information service provided in partnership with the American Meteorological Society designed to make it easy to talk about links between weather and environment.

Join over 225 broadcast meteorologists, journalists and radio broadcasters by becoming your station’s scientist.

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Additional Earth Gauge Resources:

  • Visuals that may be freely used on-air, online and in community outreach activities.

  • Regularly released fact sheets on weather and climate topics.

  • Online weather-environment themed courses, produced in partnership with the COMET program, including Watersheds: Connecting Weather to the Environment, Weather and the Built Environment, Weather and Health, Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together and soon-to-be-released “mini” climate modules on sea level rise, extreme weather and regional climate impacts. These courses count for professional development credit under the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist program.

  • Climate Concepts: Analogies and Useful Descriptions, a new tool for weathercasters and others who communicate about climate with the public.

  • Science-based answers to frequently asked questions about climate change, authored by Bob Henson, UCAR and Bud Ward, Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media.

  • Earth Gauge Kids website, designed for grades 5-8, featuring rotating monthly themes on weather and environment topics, interactive quizzes and activity ideas.

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