Earth Gauge® is a free information service designed to make it easy to talk about links between weather and environment. Originally developed for weathercasters, the information is also available to the general public, educators, parents and students.

Designing for Disaster

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC is presenting a multimedia exhibition, Designing for Disaster, from May 11, 2014-August 2, 2015. Check out Earth Gauge resources related to weather preparedness, environmental engineering and green infrastructure.

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Share Your Moment!

Share your ‘aha’ moment this Earth Day about the environment at My Earth Changing Moments. Comparte tu momento de inspiración sobre el medio ambiente en el Día de la Tierra en Mi Momento Verde.

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Stay Cool Efficiently

July 21st, 2014

In the dog days of summer, the chill of an air conditioned room is a welcome respite from the heat. But cranking up the AC can increase your home energy use…and your energy bills. Two-thirds of U.S. homes have air conditioners and homeowners collectively spend 11 billion dollars each year to power them! Tip: Whether [...]

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Climate Fact: Can Corals Adapt to Changing Ocean Temperatures and Acidity?

July 3rd, 2014

Did you know oceans are the largest habitat in the world and support 50 percent of all species on Earth? Our oceans are home to a great diversity of plant, animal and microbial groups, many of which depend on specific water temperature and pH ranges for optimal health. How are sensitive organisms, such as coral [...]

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